Launch[X] Startup


Launch[x] is a legal services program for serious Canadian startups and entrepreneurs. Launch[x] companies are granted preferred rates on startup and growth stage legal services.

e-Commerce Law.

E-Commerce (buying and selling over the Internet) is today’s fastest growing sector of the Canadian economy. As e-commerce lawyers, we help protect you from the legal issues facing your online business, whether you are based in Canada or a foreign enterprise selling into Canada. From domain name, copyright, trademark and privacy issues to your contractual relations with distributors, licensors, drop shippers, carriers and manufacturers. We don’t just work with online retailers, Wires Law works with SAAS (Software as a Service) and subscription based platforms as well.

Corporate Legal Counsel

As your general counsel Wires Law will assist whenever your company faces legal hurdles. We advise clients on everything from negotiating commercial contracts, raising financing, crowdfunding, corporate governance and risk management to commencing lawsuits, settling disputes, hiring and firing employees and much more. 

Purchase & Sale of a Business

According to CIBC, an estimated $1.9 trillion in business assets are poised to change hands over the next 5 years, $3.7 trillion over the next 10 years – the biggest transfer of Canadian business control on record. Wires Law is positioned to help buyers and sellers close their deal. Learn more about our services to help you sell your business

Crowdfunding Offerings

Equity Crowdfunding will soon be lawful in Ontario and other Canadian jurisdictions. At Wires Law, we are working hard to put together an affordable comprehensive fixed fee service to help clients list their companies online and access capital from the crowd. If you need help preparing your company financially and legally view our crowdfunding services.


Commercial Contracts

Wires Law helps protect businesses by drafting commercial contracts. From Partnership and Shareholder Agreements to protecting your online business with terms and conditions and privacy polices. Find more about protecting your business.

Intellectual Property

As general counsel Wires Law helps secure your business’s intellectual property. We work closely with patent and trade-mark agents to register your intellectual property rights all over the world. Contact us to find out more about protecting your IP. 


Wires Law is the home of fixed rate online incorporations  which start from just $895 plus HST depending on whether you select a Federal or Ontario corporation.  All of our incorporation packages are prepared by a lawyer.  Fill out our online incorporation form to get started.


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