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Online Stores

We work clients to help protect their online store or online business. If you operate a Shopify store, get access to our Launch[x] startup offering.


Apps & Software

Whether developing, buying or selling an app or software we can help you close your deal.

SAAS Platforms

Wires works with SAAS (Software as a Service) and subscription based platforms.

The Menu of E-Commerce Legal Services

e-Commerce Stores.

E-Commerce (buying and selling over the Internet) is today’s fastest growing sector of the Canadian economy. As e-commerce lawyers, we help protect you from the legal issues facing your online business, whether you are based in Canada or a foreign enterprise selling into Canada. From domain name, copyright, trademark and privacy issues to your contractual relations with distributors, licensors, drop shippers, carriers and manufacturers. We don’t just work with online retailers, Wires works with SAAS (Software as a Service) and subscription based platforms as well.

App and Software Development.

Are you hiring contractors or employees to develop smartphone apps or software? As e-Commerce lawyers, Wires Law can help you manage important issues such as ownership of intellectual property and protecting your copyright and code.

Buying or Selling an App or Website.

Are you closing the purchase and sale of either a company that owns software apps or purchasing the software itself? As e-Commerce lawyers, Wires Law can draft the agreement of purchase and sale and close your transaction.

Website Terms & Conditions.

Creating website terms and conditions, and properly implementing them, can help reduce the risk of lawsuits and in the event of a lawsuit, can help reduce your liability. To learn more about creating website terms and conditions visit Create Your Website Terms and Conditions.

API Terms and Conditions.

Do you have an open or closed API to let third party developers collaborate with your offering? Wires Law can work with you to create the terms and condition for those third parties accessing your API.

Privacy Policy.

Privacy policies are required by law in Canada for companies collecting user data in the course of business. If you do not have a privacy policy the Privacy Commissioner may pursue you and impose sanctions under the relevant legislation. If you do have a privacy policy that is not implemented properly (i.e. you collect client or user data without their consent, or use it for a purpose they have not consented to), you also risk being sued by the client or user. Learn more about how to create your privacy policy with Wires Law.


Is your e-Commerce business considering rewards or equity crowdfunding to access capital? From the birth of the industry, Wires Law has taken a leadership role in the field. John has been an advisor to the National Crowdfunding Association (“NCFA”) since its inception. Wires Law can guide you through the rewards and equity crowdfunding (once its legal) landscape.


Have you been operating an online e-commerce business before incorporating? Wires Law can help you transition from a sole proprietorship to a corporation. To learn more and receive a quote visit http://incorporate-online.ca

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