About Wires Law

Wires Law is a Toronto based business law firm delivering legal services to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business across Canada. Wires Law was founded on the premise that the delivery of legal services needs to change in order to match the pace and cost expectations with which startups and SME’s operate. Unlike law firms who only bill by the hour, we provide fix fee services and monthly retainers.

We are also the home of Launch[x]™ a fixed fee legal services program for launching and maintaing your startup or growth company.

In addition to helping clients sell their businesses and close private placements, Wires Law acts as general outside counsel to a number of small and medium sized businesses in Ontario and across Canada including e-commerce retailers, elevator manufacturers, construction companies, insurance brokers, medical device companies, consulting firms, digital media companies and hi-tech startups.

Our clients and their corporate executives answer to boards of directors and shareholders, hire and fire employees, negotiate and sign contracts, invent new products, license technologies and deal with a host of business issues every day. More often than not, company executives do not understand the legal issues or risks associated with the daily decision making process. Acknowledging many businesses do not have the resources to hire a full time lawyer, Wires Law provides services to act as your general outside counsel available for advice and direction as your company grows.

We also help our clients access capital by encouraging the development of a prosperous equity crowdfunding industry in Canada.

We have invested in state of the art systems to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient legal services wherever you are located in Canada.

Website Terms for a SAAS Startup

Preparing advice, website terms and privacy policy for a SAAS startup.

Mobile Fitness Studio

Corporate organization and general advice for a mobile fitness training company in Toronto.

Domain Name Licensing Agreement

Preparing a domain name licensing agreement for a web hosting provider.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Advising a Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency exchange.

What We’ve Been Up To

Crowdfunding Startup

General counsel for a successful rewards crowdfunding company, having raised over $2.0 million dollars.

Equity Financing

Corporate counsel to a sharing economy app company having raised over $1.0 million in an equity financing.


A Convertible Debenture

Assisting a sports technology startup with a convertible loan.

Distribution Agreement for E-commerce

Drafting a distribution agreement for an e-commerce business expanding to the United States.


Licensing Agreement

Licensing agreement for an internet of things hardware manufacturer and software development firm.


Share Purchase Agreement

Drafting a share purchase agreement for a web marketing company.

Incorporating a Drone Business

Incorporating a drone photography and mapping business.

iOS Video Game Contracts

Drafting contracts for an iOS app store video game company.

Website Purchase Agreement

Assisting a client in purchasing a woman’s fashion website.


Advising a cryptocurrency business

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We Work Different

Fixed Price Services

We know entrepreneurs need certainty in their legal spend. For most projects, we can quote you a fixed price service up front and stick to it.

Virtual Services

Our online document management technology allows you to access your file 24/7. You can also hold virtual meetings with your lawyer and sign documents electronically.

Innovative Services

We’ve invested in state of the art systems to make sure we operate an efficient legal practice for the next generation of Canadian businesses.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on providing clear legal advice that is quick and easy to understand in a fast paced business environment.

Years in Operation

Client Files Opened

What Our Clients Are Saying

John is a fantastic entrepreneur and one of the best corporate lawyers in Canada. He is very personable and clearly understands the massive paradigm shifts that have been created as a result of technological advances and the incredible entrepreneurial revolution that has helped to define the 21st century. With that being said, I had no choice but to hire him as my company’s legal counsel and if you value the well-being of your enterprise, I recommend that you do the same.

The Ark Media Group Inc.

John was very easy to work with and certainly knows Technology and Law. I found his advise to be well thought out and to my best advantage. John balanced time, costs and the potential for success very well and conveyed that to me in an easy to understand manner that allowed us to resolve the case to the best outcome.

coreFusion Inc.


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