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Launch[x] Clients have access to a host of essential legal services by startup lawyer John Wires.


Fixed Prices

Launch[x] Clients have access to a menu of fixed fee legal services meaning you get certainty in your legal spend.

Virtual Access

From cloud based document management to e-signatures you can access your lawyer and your files from anywhere in Canada.

The Menu of Services

Clients have fixed rate preferred access to the following menu of services


Whether you are a small independent consultant or aiming to be the next billion dollar startup, we’ve automated the incorporation process. We collect your information and put together articles of incorporation that suit your needs, whether raising money from investors or rolling existing assets into your new business.

Incorporate Online

Digital Minute


At Wires Law we operate a paperless legal practice, which includes the management of corporate minute books.  Traditionally, corporate minutes books were compiled in large dusty old binders and stored either at a lawyer’s office or at the corporate headquarters. At Wires Law, when instructed to maintain a client’s minute book we do so digitally. If you have an existing hard copy minute book we will convert it to a digital file and maintain additions to the digital file as an when new corporate resolutions are passed.

Digital Minute Book - Wires Law

Shareholder Agreements.

Start-ups who paper a shareholder agreement and agree on how to manage these issues upfront are the ones best prepared to stage-off future disputes, and as a result, best positioned to succeed.

Shareholders' Agreement

Stock Option


74% of venture backed companies recently survey had and employee stock option plan. Option plans are an effective way to issue shares for services to key staff or contractors. They are an appealing way for start-ups, and even larger companies, to attract and retain talent. A  stock option plan is usually created by a board resolution. The plan sets out the general rules that govern the granting of options by the corporation. Its sets out the total number and class of shares that can be optioned by the company, along with the class of potential recipients, the option’s maximum term and how the exercise price is to be set.

Private Placement


A private placement is the sale of securities (shares) to private investors in Canada, often a small group of business associates or accredited investors who meet the required securities laws exemptions, like the private issuer exemption.

Virtual General


Are you are too small to hire a full time lawyer but need access to a lawyer who knows your business?  As your general outside counsel  we are available for advice and direction as your company grows.

Legal Audits.

Not sure if you have been running things on the up and up? Concerned about areas of potential liability in your business and learning about ways to protect against that liability? Let Wires Law take a look and recommend ways to protect you.

Website Terms &


We craft custom terms of service and a privacy policies for Canadian startups. To learn more about our process visit our separate website here.

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