Leaders in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding represents a game changing opportunity for startups to access capital. The potential exists to grow an entire new generation of startups in Canada. It will re-define how companies raise money and interact with their investors.

John is a leader in Crowdfunding as an advisor to the National Crowdfunding Association, speaker and author.

Rewards-based Crowdfunding Success

Our firm’s focus on crowdfunding has led us to helping Canadian based companies who have successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Accelerating your company overnight into a success can be overwhelming. We are here to help, from organizing your company’s legal affairs to drafting contracts with suppliers, distributors, retailers and other third parties. Find out how we can help and contact us.

Prepare for Equity Crowdfunding

A form of equity Crowdfunding was recently legalized in certain Canadian jurisdictions. At Wires Law, we are working hard to put together an affordable comprehensive fixed fee service to help clients list their companies online and access capital from the crowd. If you need help preparing your company financially and legally contact us. For general information and updates on equity crowdfunding, visit the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada at http://ncfacanada.org/equity-crowdfunding/.

Equity Crowdfunding Success

Watch John’s presentation to Waterloo’s Communitech audience on equity crowdfunding here.

Is Your Company Prepared for Equity Crowdfunding In Canada?

Companies who are ready to pass the due diligence phase to be listed on a crowdfunding portal will need to ensure, among other things, that:

  • You have up to date financial records;
  • You own the IP associated with your business;
  • Your corporate minutes are up to date and shares have been formally issued to the founders etc. (consider a vesting or reverse vesting schedule for co-founders);
  • Your articles of incorporation have a class of shares suitable to be issued to the crowd. Or consider whether a voting trust agreement is necessary;
  • Your directors have qualifications necessary to attract investors;
  • You are offering the right amount of equity and asking for the right amount of money; and
  • You have a clear and concise business plan.

If you need help preparing your company financially and legally contact us.

Crowdfunding Lawyers

From the birth of the industry, Wires Law has taken a leadership role in the field. John has been an advisor to the National Crowdfunding Association (“NCFA”) since its inception. The NCFA is a not-for-profit working hard at promoting crowdfunding in Canada as a means for businesses to access capital. For up to date coverage on what’s happening, join our Twitter Feed, and follow our Crowdfunding Blog written from the perspective of a crowdfunding lawyer.

John Wires has been a featured writer or commentator with the CBCGlobe & MailFinancial PostToronto Star and TechVibes on Crowdfunding. He has also been a guest speaker on crowdfunding at Ryerson University, Communitech in Waterloo and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development.

Are You Ready for Equity Crowdfunding? Prepare Your Crowdfunding Documents with Wires Law

Equity Crowdfunding Exemption Scheduled for Q1 2015

Equity Crowdfunding Exemption Scheduled for Q1 2015

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel this morning with Gerrard Buckley of Maple Leaf Angles, Jos Schmidt of Aequitas Innovations Inc. and Jim Turner the Vice Chair of the Ontario Securities Commission. The event, Igniting Entrepreneurship and Capital Flow in...

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