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Once you’ve filled out the online forms clients sign a retainer to permit Wires Law to act on your behalf and to file your incorporation documents. Don’t worry, the retainer clearly sets out the price for our services including the government filing fee.

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Once the retainer is signed we’ll provide you with access to your online Connect Account to access your incorporation documents. Generally for numbered companies we can get you incorporated within one business day. For named corporations we may need a little extra time to perform your NUANS search and make sure that your name is suitable.

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Wires Law is a corporate commercial law firm delivering legal services to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business across Canada. Wires Law was founded on the premise that the delivery of legal services needs to change in order match the pace and cost expectations with which startups and SME’s operate. Unlike law firms who only bill by the hour, we provide fix fee services and monthly retainers.

Wires Law acts as general outside counsel to a number of medium sized businesses in Ontario and across Canada including elevator manufacturers, construction companies, insurance brokers, pharmaceutical companies and hi-tech startups.
Our clients and their corporate executives answer to boards of directors and shareholders, hire and fire employees, negotiate and sign contracts, invent new products, license technologies and deal with a host of business issues every day. More often than not, company executives do not understand the legal issues or risks associated with the daily decision making process. Acknowledging many businesses do not have the resources to hire a full time lawyer, Wires Law provides services to act as your general outside counsel available for advice and direction as your company grows.

We have invested in state of the art systems to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient legal services wherever you are located in Canada.

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