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About David Wires

David graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Laws and from Osgoode Hall Law School with a Master of Laws . He is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Civil Litigation.

David has appeared as counsel before courts, tribunals and arbitration panels for individuals, banks, trust and insurance companies, professional associations, public and private companies and partnerships.


  • Litigation Strategy
  • Litigation Case Assessments
  • Litigation
  • E-Discovery

David is a member of the the Advocates Society and the Canadian Bar Association. He is past member of the  Advocate Society Technology Committee, the Joint Committee on Court Reform, the Toronto Case Management Advisory Committee, and the Civil Justice Technology Advisory Committee. He has been engaged as an instructor and lecturer for the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Advocates Society, the Ontario Bar Association, the Advocate’s Society Intensive Trial Advocacy Program, York University, the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Legal Technology, the Canadian Bar Association, the Certified General Accountants of Ontario and the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

David was a commissioner of the Ontario Pension Commission, later the Ontario Financial Services Tribunal and remains a Canadian panelist for the China International Trade and Arbitration Commission .

He has argued leading cases on litigation costs, the division of Federal and Provincial powers in professional regulation; damages for the taking of property with notice; international law and good faith in the performance of contracts. David has a reputation for effective use of technology in case management and determination in pursuing remedies for his client.


In Decisions from the Bench

” There is, in my view, no doubt that Mr. Wires and his firm have performed heroically. Over seven years, Mr. Wires did battle with one of the most powerful American regulatory agencies, an agency with virtually unlimited legal resources and ably represented by the largest law firms in Canada, first BLG and now Gowlings. He eventually succeeded “against almost insurmountable odds” in setting aside the ex parte orders, getting a damages inquiry on the plaintiffs’ undertaking, and having the 2002 action stayed – and did all of this without being paid by his clients. This is surely a testament not only to the fortitude of the senior defence counsel, David Wires, but to his commitment, indeed passion, for justice.”

The Honourable Justice Belobaba in the Superior Court of Justice in Federal Trade Commission and the United States of America v. Yemec.


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