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Business & Technology Lawyer

Wires Law is a business, technology & e-commerce law firm delivering legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, startups and established companies across Canada. In many cases, we act as your virtual general counsel.

Technology and Corporate Law Services

Start a Business

Incorporate your business online and enter a cofounder agreement.

SAAS & E-Commerce Law

Contracts for SAAS companies and software developers, terms and conditions & privacy policies.

Corporate Counsel

Access general corporate advice and governance.

Shareholder Advocacy

We advocate for shareholders of private companies to help protect their investments.

Founder Agreements

Drafting cofounder agreements for early stage companies.


Investment Transactions

We help clients draft a wide range of business and investment contracts.

Wires Law was founded by John Wires, a business lawyer who comes from a background of corporate commercial litigation. Having litigated shareholder and employee disputes he understands the value of companies protecting their businesses at an early stage.

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Buy or Sell A Business

Fixed Price Legal Services

We know entrepreneurs need certainty in their legal spend. For most projects, we can quote you a fixed price service up front and stick to it. Go ahead, ask us for a quote.

Virtual Legal Services

Our online document management technology allows you to access your file 24/7. You can also hold virtual meetings with your lawyer and sign most documents electronically.

Protect Your Business

Innovative Legal Services

We’ve invested in state of the art systems to make sure we operate an efficient legal practice for the next generation of Canadian businesses.

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